I first got into organizing in the early 1990s after college. Friends at work noticed my organized desk and would ask me over to help them with their closets and such. But it was only a hobby at the time.

I spent most of the last two decades working in marketing, operations, and product development. But I felt burned out from the corporate life and its 75 mile a day commute.

I downshifted for a while.

I rested. I volunteered. I served on the board of a non-profit farmers market. I sailed. I practiced yoga. I played music. I gardened. I traveled to Colombia, South America…

I spent a few years as a caregiver for a disabled person while caring for my young daughter.

During that time, I began organizing again, because I feel connected to my humanity when I serve in this manner.

My approach to decluttering and organizing is to inspire and teach others how to do it themselves. Many clients learn the ropes after just a few sessions with me. Decluttering becomes a new life skill.

I’m also a freelance editor for writers and authors.

I also serve as the communications director for Grey4Green, a Los Angeles-based manufacturer of subsurface greywater irrigation equipment.

I live with my 3 year old in a groovy little neighborhood known as Alamitos Beach in Long Beach, California.

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